All types of bronze restoration and maintenance Deterioration: Can be caused by many factors. Climate, acid rain, airborne pollutants, insects, birds, tree saps, and even people contribute to the deterioration of patina. Restoration: Repair the damages of the bronze (weld, finished), restoration of Patinas and New Patinas; we also seal your Patina (wax or Permalac).

Maintenance and Care:
We come to your locations and work on your bronze. Outdoor Bronzes Outdoor bronzes require a maintenance program which keeps their surfaces clean and waxed on a regular basis. (every year). Never use spray or liquid furniture polishes to dust or clean a bronze sculpture. These polishes may contain oils which could damage the original patina finish.Bronze is an extremely hardy, durable metal, lasting for centuries! The patina is the most delicate part of your bronze. Contact a reputable gallery, foundry or professional conservator concerning significant changes to your bronze’s patina. In the meantime, enjoy your bronze as a beautiful work of art.

Today you may find antique bronze statues in many people’s houses. Antique bronze items such as statues add elegance to a room and are great to look at as long as they are kept in good condition. Antique bronze tends to fade and becomes dull with the passage of time. Therefore, antique bronze should be maintained and cleaned regularly. Corrosion may develop on the bronze item over a period of time. This may be because of degraded oils and grime. You should remove all corrosion from the item with a solvent. Once the solvent evaporates, you should check for any residue dust. You can then continue using cloths dampened with mineral spirits to wipe away the grime.