SAND CASTING PROCESS:  We are using Petrobond brand sand. It is a mixture of fine white silica sand, with Petrobond powder (a especially modified clay) agglutinate with oil without detergents.

BRONZE:  Evedur Silicon Bronze (grad art) used in both industrial and creative applications. Everdur is balance of mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. It is an excellent casting charateristics have resulted in it being the preferred Bronze for sculture casting and it is wide acceptance for the jewelry caster as well. With a nominal chemical composition of copper 95%, silicon 4%, manganese 1%. Properties: pouring range 1900 F – 2250 F, tensile strength 55000 lb/, elongation in 2 in. 30%, brinell hardness 500 kg.wt. 85, impact strengh izod 33 ft. lb. The Silicon bronze will not fume because it is not contains no zinc, aluminum or other fume producing elements. Deoxidizers are ausually unneccessary.

CAST BRONZE PLAQUES:  We do custom-made bronze plaques with any kind of borders, background, decorations, figurines, letters, inscriptions, logos, seals, banners, engravings, bass and flat relieves, and many others. We employ a sand casting method using Petrobond. Letters are machine created using a photopolymer technique. Background Textures: Leatherette, travertine, sculpture, pebbled and others. Border Styles: Standars,single line, doble line, stright edge, bevel edge, ornamental, and custom. Background Finishes: The backgrounds of most cast bronze plaque are painted to provide a contrast to the highlighted areas.Bronze plaque can be painted with standard color or optional finishes (Patina quimical). Letters styles: Any fonts. Flat Relief: Submit camera-ready art or electronic artwork. Bas-Relief: Many emblems or logos lend themselves to a multi-level design.We will either sculpt the image in clay from your artwork (photograph, drawing or black & white art) or model it using our computer-aided 3-D model maker. Mounting: Standar methods