We specialize in special designs and manufacture of trophies, awards, medallions, plaques in bronze in any kind of finish: polished, sand blasting, gold and silver plating, and any color of patina. Also we elaborate any kind of bases: wood, marble, granite, semiprecious stones, metals (bronze, steel, aluminum, we can customize a column trophy with your own art. We can replicate all logos and designs and our artists can work with you to create a memorable award JUST for you.
An award is something given to a person or a group of people to recognize excellence  in a certain field; a certificate of excellence. A trophy is a reward for a specific achievement, and usually afterwards serves as proof of merit. They are most often awarded with sporting events. These range from youth sports through professional level athletics. Often, the reward of the trophy is not simply in winning it; rather, those who win it cherish the legacy that also comes with the trophy.

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